BUMPzee vs MyBlogLog update

  1. One of my bumps made the widget. I’m interested to see how much traffic that’ll bring me as it gets to be morning rush on the East coast.
  2. The BUMPzee entries page is totally addictive. Before I knew it my comments were taking up half the page. I had to make myself close the tab.
  3. BUMPzee sends more than twice the unique visitors MyBlogLog does with a quarter of the effort, and my blog isn’t specifically about affiliate marketing, though I plan to do a series just for BUMPzee readers. The visitors who arrive make at least ten times the page views, no exaggeration.
  4. I love the Entries feature. It’s much clearer than Technorati’s WTF (and isn’t, you know, stupid, since its name basically tells you what it is for.)
  5. One thing I’d love to see on BUMPzee is a rolling place for BUMPzee-related questions. It feels rude to contact Scott through his page. Do you mind, Scott?



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