Quick #WhatsNextDC Resources Overview

Quick #WhatsNextDC Resources Overview

Debbie and I at #whatsnextdcFinally met Debbie Weil (@debbieweil, right) in Person.

Yesterday, I had the honor and the pleasure of being a floating expert at What’s Next DC. I was invited by Vanessa French at Jill Foster‘s suggestion. Basically that meant I got to help people start implementing solutions and ideas during the conference – and not have to pitch anyone.

(In the proper environment, I will do a pitch and have an elevator version, but I’ve never thought conferences were the right venue.)

This is the first year of this conference, but after reading the site (and a few posts that had me under the mistaken belief that there’d been one before!), I thought I knew what to expect.

It wasn’t quite what I expected, but still much better than I had hopted.

On all fronts, What’s Next DC was an overall win with minor mini-fails that I’ll write about later on in the week. Overall though, especially for a first conference, The Green Buzz Agency did a fantastic job.

If you missed it, or are looking for key resources, I put together a Storify embed that I’ll be updating over time to help you find things. Should you want to add things, just @ me with the link on Twitter (@Tinu), and I’ll take a look.

Some highlights:

The What’s Next DC Website
Rand Fishkin‘s presentation on Slideshare. (Just adore him and SEOMoz. Great search tools, smart jargon-light man.)
@Captico‘s What’s Next DC Twitter List

The “Social Media: Changing Business” slide from @Shonali‘s fantastic presentation.


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