How to Get Your Favorite Influencer to Write About You the @KingsHawaiian Way

So first, a disclaimer. I’m assuming that I’m @KingsHawaiian‘s favorite influencer because though I don’t really think of myself as your typical tastemaker, I do think of myself as generally awesome. They’ve paid me nothing for this blog post, but yeah, I’d take their money and update this disclaimer to say so. 🙂

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Example of a Smart Facebook Sponsored Post from @Skinnygirl Cocktail

I’m a huge Bethenny Frankel fan. My sister got me watching the Real Housewives of New York – it was our only bonding time with two sets of twins running us ragged. So there’s more than one reason I was happy to see this about an hour ago.

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How Netflix Became Netf–ked And How Social Media Finesse Could Have Fixed It

I’m not going to recount what Neflix did to get into this mess or how other companies avoided the DVD issue altogether through innovation.

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