About Leveraged Promotion

Leveraged Promotion is a web site promotion services company specializing in helping offline business owners generate leads online. The problem with the web site promotion industry for people who own businesses in the tangible world, is that the strategies used for online business promotion are usually targeted towards two entities: 

  • Professional Internet Marketers (that is, people whose specialty is marketing internet products), and
  • Opportunity Seekers (especially those who want to become professional internet marketers)

While our techniques and practices with work ethically for those two groups, we build solutions for businesses that have the unique challenges offline businesses face. Things like:

  • Not being particularly internet savvy
  • Wanting the results but not having the time to learn the techniques
  • The desire to train an existing marketing department to leverage the internet
  • The need to focus on running a small business, not learning how to start a new business online
  • The preference of outsourcing a web site promotion plan. 

Our concept is simple. You need leads you can close. We’ll give you realistic projections of how to get them. We can build you a plan, then either train your team to execute it, or implement it on your behalf.


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