We’re often silent in internet marketing about the wrong things. Some of us keep our success to ourselves for fear of solicitous predators.

Even more of us stay quiet about our dissatisfaction, for fear of a backlash against claims founded more in emotion than fact. It takes bravery for us to state our opinions out loud when everyone is looking, but it is well worth the effort.

When you have issues to share, here’s seven ways to be vocal.

  1. Find like-minded bloggers and echo their posted opinions as comments.
  2. Start your own blog about the issue
  3. Write an article or op-ed piece online. Be specific.
  4. Write an article or op-ed piece offline.
  5. Start an informal organization that stands for progress in the opposing direction (being for something better is more effective than being against what pisses you off)
  6. Begin dialogue with the opposing party. See if you can reach an accord.
  7. Start a new thread in a forum about it, anonymously if you must.

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