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Fall might as well be here, despite that it doesn’t officially start for another 26 days. If you have been putting off getting ready for the increase in business that usually takes place at the end of the summer for most businesses, you still have some time to start.

These are a few things I check for myself and my clients when starting a new season.

  1. Are you current? Make sure everything is up to date – your WordPress version, plugins, files, images, links.
  2. Your Theme– is it outdated or stale? Does it do everything you need it to do? Are there things in the sidebar you could get rid of or move? Do you need a fresh look for fall?
  3. Your Social Buttons. Even if the plugin you normally use hasn’t had updates, you’ll want to check the ones attached to your posts. For example, if you click your own Twitter button, do you get an @ reference to the post author? People like to attribute you, and they really hate having to look for that information.
  4. Security. Is WordPress locked up tight and safe from hacking? Are you SURE you haven’t been hacked already?
  5. Load time. If you have unused plugins still activated, they might be slowing your page down. Check to see that your theme loads in a reasonable amount of time on slow broadband as well as mobile… which brings us to…
  6. Accessibility. Can people using mobile phones or tablets reach your site easily and enjoy it? Are you using the ALT image attribute so that blind people can understand what your images represent? Are you sure that all the files you’d like to be accessible to the public aren’t behind member logins?
  7. Content target. You know who your audience is, and you may even know what they want to read. But is that what’s on your site? Are you creating posts that would appeal to both newcomers and repeat customers or clients?

There are more items you will likely want to check before Labor Day weekend, and now’s your chance. If you take an hour and test those things, most of the other things can wait a little bit.

Here’s a recent deck I did about why you need a Fall Marketing Plan.

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