I’m trying to think of things I haven’t talked about, and also go through certain things in a more organized fashion – where do I start and what can I say that would be useful to a new person, or a checkpoint to someone with an intermediate marketing backround?

What I came up with is to publish the checklist to the plan I use to launch a new infoproduct, from research to launch.

I may come back and edit. Feel free to chime in if it looks like I skipped something. (I used a version of this when selling affiliate products, but there are some steps you’d have to drop or change. I’ll discuss that when I examine each point in detail within upcoming posts.)

  1. Research the market
  2. Narrow to several products and test market response
  3. Pick an entry product and an upsell product
  4. Create a content site for list building, marketing and/or networking
  5. Market the site and gather more research from the signed up audience
  6. Write a sales letter for your private use describing the ideal product
  7. Write PPC/solo ads/ezine ads, etc
  8. Create the enticement for the squeeze page/mini-site
  9. Create the squeeze page for your private use (optional – combine with sales letter to make a mini-site)
  10. Create the product (and upsell if applicable)
  11. Test the product with past clients or admired mentors
  12. Improve the product with their suggestions
  13. Solicit multi-media testimonials (pictures, audio)
  14. Test/polish the sales letter
  15. Test/polish promotional materials and/or ads
  16. Create any additional buzz
  17. Choose a date for product launch
  18. Set up sales and product delivery
  19. Make a promotional plan for the product
  20. Make an advertising plan for the product
  21. Do any pre-execution for advertising/marketing
  22. Test sales process (and product delivery if electronic) and follow-up
  23. Automate the entire marketing and sales system as much as possible
  24. Test sales/delivery process again post-automation
  25. Create follow-up schedule for clients (in addition to autoresponder)
  26. Have a dress rehearsal
  27. Execute

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